With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, and, most importantly, with the increase in their autonomous run, it became possible to use this type of transport for various public purposes. Now actively supported the idea of transferring part of the municipal fleet to electric vehicles.

Replacing part of the fleet with electric cars, institutions thereby reduce the cost of maintenance and operation.


Advantages of installing a charging station:
  • Advantages of installing a charging station:
  • Reducing the cost of maintenance and operation of the fleet
  • Informational occasion for the media
  • Formation of a positive image of the company due to participation in a socially significant project
  • Unique marketing opportunities


EVTime company offers - Corporate charging station or Public charging station.

Our company provides turnkey services - the production of charging stations, the coordination of installation, installation work, service. You can view the full list of services and equipment produced in the sections "Charging stations" and "Services".

The whole world will know about you!
Charging station and information about its location is reflected in the world maps of charging infrastructure. Drivers from all over the world will be able to see this information.

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